Guest Post Guidelines

If you’re wanting to write a guest blog post for you’ve come to the right place!

Before you send me your guest post, please keep the following in mind:

  • Guest posts MUST be original/exclusive to and not published anywhere else on the internet (this includes your own blog). The guest post also may NOT be printed offline and distributed.
  • I only accept guest posts that are Christian-based and that will benefit the readers of If you are unsure if your guest post topic is a good fit for, you are welcome to email me first and ask! I will happily let you know!
  • Guest posts cannot have any affiliate or promotional links. You may link to your own blog/website or social media channels, such as Twitter, Truth Social, Instagram, etc. By submitting your guest post, you agree I may insert my own affiliate and/or promotional links.
  • You’ll provide a brief bio of 2-4 sentences along with a photo of yourself and links to your own blog/website or social media channels.
  • All guest posts must be written by you and not any AI software or program, such as Jarvis.
  • If you quote anyone or another article, etc. you must properly cite them.
  • Guest posts must be a minimum of 650 words but no more than 1,700 words.
  • By submitting a guest post you are giving me permission to edit, add to, or remove anything in the post as needed for SEO and to ensure it reflects the voice and tone of You also agree that the content may be used for promotional purposes and included in premium content from You will NOT receive any compensation for guest posts.
  • Please don’t submit any featured artwork for your guest post. If your guest post includes any images, photos, or artwork they must be created by you and original or you must have direct permission to use them. These will be checked before publishing.
  • You agree these guidelines may be updated at any time without warning.

By submitting your guest blog post you are in full agreement with the guidelines outlined above and that any new version of these guidelines will apply to all guest posts previously published.

What will not be accepted:

  • Those who just want another backlink to their blog/website, etc.
  • As mentioned above any affiliate and/or promotional links.
  • Guest posts that need a lot of editing or rewriting.
  • Guest posts that will not benefit readers of

Where to send your guest post

Send to aaron (at) aaronjosephhall (dot) com

Feel free to follow up with me if you haven’t heard back within one week.