10 Solid Reasons Why the Psalms are so Important

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Have you ever wondered why the psalms are so important?

Everyone has a book or section of the Bible that they love to read over and over. For me, that would be the Psalms! Asking the question why are the psalms so important is a valid question. The Psalms are a vital part of the Bible for several reasons, which I’ll share in this blog post.

Several years ago, I followed a Bible plan to read through the book of Psalms in 30 days. It was life-changing for me! It was only 5 chapters a day. I also read one chapter of Proverbs so that in one month I completed both books. I didn’t do this to check them off my reading list. I did it because I heard a story one time that Billy Graham did this often and how refreshing it was to the soul. So, I wanted to give it a try…and I’m thankful that I did!

It was certainly refreshing to be immersed in God’s Word every day for a month. I was both challenged and encouraged and heard more from the Lord than I had in a long while. Why? I chose to make spending time with Him a priority and I made certain to dig deep into His Word. We can’t say God is silent when our Bibles remain closed. God is speaking, especially in the book of Psalms!

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Why the psalms are so important for us today

For Christians today, the Psalms remain a crucial spiritual resource, as they encapsulate the essence of worship, provide a template for prayer, and express the breadth of human emotion in relation to God.

In a time where complexity and change are the norms, and we all know that’s true of modern times, the timeless words of the Psalms offer stability, solace, and a connection to the Lord. They anchor us in a tradition of faith that has sustained generations, giving voice to their hopes, fears, and aspirations, and guiding them to find comfort and direction in the character of God.

Whether in private devotion or public worship, the Psalms encourage honest dialogue with the Lord, inviting a deepened faith experience that enriches every Christian’s life. When I read the Psalms I’m always left with a deep sense of comfort and peace because of how rich they are. God’s Word never disappoints!

By engaging with the Psalms, believers participate in a sacred practice that deepens their understanding of God’s sovereignty and nurtures the soul, affirming the scripture’s enduring role as a foundational aspect of every Christian’s spiritual health. When wondering why the psalms are so important for us today, it’s easy to see that they provide a rich deepness that can help us connect with the Lord!

Here are 10 reasons why the psalms are so important

Below, I want to share with you ten reasons why the psalms are so important. Maybe after reading them, you’ll take up the challenge to dig deep into them over the next 30 days!

  1. Diverse Emotional Expression: They contain the full spectrum of human emotion, from the depths of despair to the heights of joy and praise. This makes them relatable to nearly every person, regardless of where they are in life.
  2. Worship and Praise: The Psalms provide some of the richest language of worship and praise. They teach us how to revere God and acknowledge His majesty and power.
  3. Prayer and Intercession: Many Psalms are prayers that incorporate petition, confession, and intercession. They serve as a model for how to approach God in prayer, openly and honestly.
  4. Theology and Doctrine: The Psalms offer a deep well of theological truths, speaking on creation, God’s sovereignty, His covenant with Israel, and His justice and mercy.
  5. Messianic Prophecies: They contain prophecies about the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Verses from the Psalms are frequently quoted in the New Testament in reference to His life, death, and resurrection.
  6. Personal and Communal Usage: The Psalms have been used in both personal devotions and corporate worship. They are designed to be sung or recited and are as relevant in personal quiet time as in communal gatherings.
  7. Teaching and Wisdom: Many Psalms impart wisdom and teach about the nature of God, the value of trust in Him, and the path of righteousness versus wickedness.
  8. Timeless Literary Excellence: The Psalms are beautifully composed and have been recognized for their literary excellence for millennia, impacting even secular literature and art.
  9. Historical Record: They provide an account of the historical experiences of the people of Israel, their kings, and their relationship with God.
  10. Emotional and Psychological Relief: Reciting and meditating on the Psalms can provide comfort and relief from anxiety and pain, serving as a balm for the soul.

For modern application, consider Psalm 23, often recited for comfort. In the modern context of stress and uncertainty, the imagery of God as a shepherd provides a visualization of divine guidance and care that can be deeply reassuring: “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul.” I know for certain this Psalm has encouraged me more times than I can count!

The Psalms teach us that it’s okay to bring our whole selves to God—the good, the bad, and everything in between—and that’s a critically important message for the complexities of human life in any era, including the present. And we all know the present carries much weight, anxieties, fears, and discouragement. Every day we need to be digging deep into God’s Word and the psalms are a great place to do just that!

I’ll end this blog post with a video. I’m a huge fan of the BibleProject. Check out this video where they give a summary of the book of Psalms!

So, what do you think? Have you wondered why the psalms are so important? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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