Parenting Is Hard But Thank God For Grace

One kid was easy. Really easy. But then the second kid came along and everything changed. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you have one kid or more than one. Either way, parenting is hard but thank God for grace.

2018 was a year of change for my wife and I. We welcomed our second boy, Hudson, into the world. Being a dad is hard but being a dad who desires to raise godly children in an ungodly world is harder. Why? Because my flesh wants to get irritated, annoyed and selfish when it comes to parenting.

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Be Filled With the Holy Spirit

How many times have you had to put gas in your car? My guess: A lot! Did you know, as Christians, we need to be filled with the Spirit continually just like how your car needs gas continually?

In Ephesians 5:18 Paul writes: "...."but be FILLED by the SPIRIT" (CSB, emphasis added). This is FIRST a COMMAND but ALSO is something in the original language that is on going! Meaning asking to be FILLED with the Holy Spirit is not a one time's a continuous thing! It's something we should ASK God for everyday!

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For When You Find Yourself Facing Lies, When You Feel Worthless and When You Feel Like No One Cares

This article is for when you find yourself facing lies, when you feel worthless and when you feel like no one cares. It's for those who have or are battling depression and anxiety. 

I can't say this enough: You're not alone. In fact, as a pastor it's almost unheard of to openly say that you wrestle with depression or anxiety or are battling the lies the enemy tells that you easily believe or if you're feeling unworthy and feeling like you have no friends (or feeling alone). Here's the truth: It's okay to admit you're not okay. It's NOT okay to NOT say anything or to tell someone. 

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3 Reasons Why I Love Being A Dad

God blessed my wife and I in October of 2015 with an amazing little boy, whom we named after the Green Arrow (aka "Oliver"). Yes, my son's name was inspired by the fictitious superhero Oliver Queen. I tried giving him the name, Oliver Queen Hall, but my wife didn't buy into it so we gave him my middle name instead. That's still a win! Anyhow, I want to share with you three reasons why I love being a dad.

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Welcome to my Blog!

Hi, my name is Aaron Joseph Hall!  

On this his blog I share my thoughts on writing, life and faith

I hope this blog helps you, inspires you and I’m hoping to learn more too. I’m no expert on writing, life or faith. I’m learning too. So, with all that said, if you like what you read would you do me the great honor of sharing it with your family and friends?

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